SEXY GIRL (the song) VIDEO


The Silver Dollar Band is a 3 peice power trio in Knoxville TN. Donovan, one of the top vocalists in the independent music world, is the lead singer and also lead guitarist. Donovan is not to be confused with the commercial artist from the 60's and 70's) Donovan of the Silver Dollar Band is a young and talented independent performer from the United States. He is very well known in the southeastern USA and also some regions of Canada. D seems to be able to sing any song in any voice needed for the song.. He is not imitating, he says that "if you plan to sing a song, you need to have the true vocal abilities to do a song justice. It tends to bend peoples ear drums if you sing nothing at all like the original vocalist and thats why most people dont want to hear bands cover a song". When the Silver Dollar Band covers a song, you can enjoy it since they play and sing as well as the guys on the CD you might have at home. D's voice is guaranteed to please listeners! His remarkable skills as a guitarist are equally amazing, 1000% HOT guitar sounds and lead breaks that often excell beyond the sound of the guitar on a cover tune recording, invintive great sounding guitar sounds in the orginal songs as well. Britt is the bassist of the silver dollar band. He knows how to fill the music with great notes and runs, he more than compensates for the fact that the band has no rythem guitarist (other than D as he seems to cover both the lead and rythem parts as well). Britt is a very talented musician and the sounds produced with his excellent warm bass guitar tones are like ear candy! Lee covers the percussion section of the trio, he is an excellent drummer and fills the room with LOTS of energy with the beats and rolls of the thunderous sound of rock drums! You cant help but move to the music when the Silver Dollar Band performs! These guys really know how to ROCK! Performing classic rock tunes ranging from 1969 to 1999, before the age of computerized music,. The band has a blast injecting those classic rock songs with some nitro, these 3 rockers make some sizzling music!

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Members of the group are :

Donovan ~ Electric Guitar (Rocking Washburn Tour 24 Electric Guitar with the 2001 Wonder Bar bridge system) / Lead Vocals

Britt ~ Bass Guitar
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Lee ~ Drums (vintage Gretsch drums with a deep rich ROCKING sound) / Backup Vocals

Management by Donovan and Jess Presley. Upcoming show information and booking information can be obtained by clicking here to send an email request.

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